BatGirlWelcome to the first episode of the Stir Fry Comics podcast!

I thought it would be fun (for both you and I) to start up a podcast to go along with the content on Stir Fry Comics! Generally speaking it will be about “comics on the internet,” which includes various topics covering webcomics, print comics, the creative process, and whatever else I think fits under than umbrella.  In this episode I talk about:

Getting to Know You… or Me… or…

Some basic getting to know you stuff about me, who I am, what I do, that kinda stuff.

Lover Letter to Batgirl

batgirl-babstarr22No, not some kind of freaky fan love that crosses the boundaries of fact and fiction. More like I gush for a little bit about how I’ve recently started buying Batgirl on the regs. Strangely, it has a lot to do with the bathroom of the house I grew up in. Also, amazing art by Babs Tarr! Some linkage:

DC Comics Batgirl Official

DC Comics Batgirl Update

The Amazing Babs Tarr

Artist Encouragement

Inspired by a (very) brief conversation I had on twitter with Michael Dambold, I yammer on for a bit about my belief that artists of all levels are always trying to improve themselves and their craft, and that the common “maybe you should just give up” criticism/feedback is dumb and ignorant. Maybe the folks giving that feedback should just give up giving feedback!

I mention that Michael Dambold is an illustrator and cartoonist, but I did fail to mention that he’s also a web developer. Throwing that out there. But he’s definitely a great guy to follow on twitter, and shares a lot of great thoughts, including the ones that inspired this segment of my podcast. Some linkage for Mr. Dambold:

On Twitter


That covers this episode, but I’d love to hear what YOU think! Go ahead and leave a comment below and let me know!

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