Blog01Well, unless you’re new to Stir Fry Comics, you’ll have noticed that things are changing around here. A lot. Mostly for the better, I hope. But still, I have to constantly ask myself what the hell am I thinking.

I started Stir Fry Comics about a year and half ago. I had hit a creative lull, as far as my comics go. Four years of super intense work on my comic Mastorism had taken it’s toll on me. While I had the strong urge to create more, the thought of embarking on another project of similar proportions–

Which let me stop and say, in a general sense Mastorism isn’t huge, but when you work a full time job, with a commute, and are raising children, turning out two pages a week (each page taking up to 8 hours to complete), is big–

So embarking on something like that, the thought was just unbearable. Believe me. I tried to start a couple projects, but the idea of “I’m doing this, and only this with every free scrap of time for the next X years” would just have me saying NOOOOooooooOOOoo!

Stir Fry came about as a reaction to that. The idea was to greatly simplify the art and give myself a schedule that would allow me to squeeze in other projects into my free time as needed. Whether that meant freelance work, other comics side projects, or, recently, dabbling in animation. Guess what, it worked. The comic has been pretty successful, and I’ve been able to maintain a more sane lifestyle than what Mastorism afforded me. Problem solved, right?

Well, then some of the side interests became projects. And then some things came up and changes occurred in my life that sort of impacted the time I wanted to spend on stuff, and I let Stir Fry take a back seat to some of the new projects I wanted to work on. Eventually, production on Stir Fry slowed to a crawl. And yeah…

It’s been a problem my whole life that I want to do so many things. I’ve been pretty aware of this problem for some time actually. But, after really thinking about it for a long while, I kinda came to the realization that I needed to have everything be part of one bigger thing, or I’d #1 go crazy, and #2 constantly feel like one thing is suffering at the benefit of others. If  it’s all part of one whole, then no matter what I’m always working on that one thing. And it also saves me from saying “and I do this, and this and this, and this..” with a list of websites a mile long.

To do that, I needed to just start the website over, and break the traditional webcomics format (of whole page centered around latest comic page, forward back buttons, everything else taking a back seat to that page), and build a site based on everything I want to do with it, and having all that content presented evenly. Before everything served the comic: Blog posts? You’d better bet it’s just some updates about the comic. Other topics – need a different blog. Not relevant here.  Other project? DEFINITELY not relevant here.

Not anymore. Aside from my professional portfolio, Stir Fry Comics is now the main outlet for any content I create. Comics? Of course! Blog posts about any topic I choose? You betcha! Podcasts? What the hell, why not? Animations and video? I definitely want to….  And it’s all presented evenly. I’m excited. This seems like the best format for what I want to do from now on.

SO. Why am I asking myself what the hell am I doing? Cause I’m doing something different. I’m interrupting a comic that is been growing steadily. Possibly abandoning my audience. Trying to keep a webcomics audience interested in a comic website that doesn’t follow the traditional format. All kinds of stuff.

But you know what? Screw it! I’m just gonna do what I need to do, and I hope all of you join me for the ride.

Thanks for reading to my rant. Definitely, definitely more blogs to come.