Podcast_Art_002In this episode I discuss a cool website I found that promotes webcomics, and then share some thoughts on the dreaded subject of doing creative work for free. I also touch on a couple of my comics related holiday gifts.

Best. Gift. Ever.

I got the entire series of the 1960’s Batman TV show on Blu-Ray. FINALLY! Here’s a link to the story of the long road some dedicated individuals took to get this beloved show onto a home video format:


"Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" Press Line - Comic-Con International 2014Also, love him or hate him, I express my concerns about Frank Miller’s health while talking about getting both Sin City flicks as well. Here’s a little link on that:


Just the First Frame

I do a quick review of JustTheFirstFrame.com – a website that shows you… just the first frame of a webcomic, and it’s up to you to decide if you want to click though to the webcomic’s site. If any of you can figure out how to submit to this site… let me know! I’m working on that though, and will hopefully have a follow up.

UPDATE! While I managed to track down, and reach out to the person currently running the site, I got no response. However, upon visiting the site again, I see they’ve added/updated links to the about and submission page! Woo Hoo!

Show Me the Money!

In my short but sweet rambling about the up and (mostly) downs of doing free creative work, mentioned a cool infographic about just this very subject. It will help you decide if you should work for free or not:

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