006_FEATUREThis episode I talk about my vacation travels to LA and San Francisco. Then I talk some poop about LA. Fun times!


First up, I talk about Phat Collectables in the LA/Orange County area of California. My family stopped by not one, but two of their for Southern California stores, and had a blast. Check them out:

Also in this segment I mention another one of my favorite SoCal comics shops, The Meltdown. Info on them can be found here:
In the second segment I talk about art stores, shopping in real stores vs online. I also have a mini tirade about craft stores. The art store I mention is University Art of San Jose, which you can find info about here:
In the podcast I mentioned not being sure if University Art of San Jose was connected to University Art of Palo Alto. Based on the website, I’m thinking no. However, I was stoked to see that they now have a store in my hometown of Redwood City! I will have to check that one out next time I’m in town.

***UPDATE*** Since the original posting of the show notes I’ve discovered that the San Jose store and the Palo Alto store were connected, however the Palo Alto store is now moved to the Redwood City store. Whew! Crazy!

I also found out there, in fact, is a decent art store somewhat nearby. Art Central is located in San Luis Obispo. I actually went down there and checked it out today (uhh the day that I’m updating this), and verified that it is in fact, a cool store. May go into it more in a later podcast. Linkage:


That about covers it for this episode! See you next time!

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