Drawing_Digitally_Wacom_TabletAre you thinking about starting to draw with a graphics tablet? Have you tried using a graphics tablet, but were discouraged with the results? In this episode, I talk about my transition from traditional to digital artist, and offer some tips and insight along the way. Join me!

Before I post links, as I mention in this episode, I just wanted to give a shout to the folks who read my comics over at Tapastic. The comic from this week went crazy viral popular – at least by my standards –  and I got a bunch of new subscribers and likes. Big thanks, guys, and thanks, new readers! And now… the pressure of following that up!  Ha! Oh well, a good problem to have, I suppose.


Old Graphire4 - What I started With

Old Graphire4 – What I started with.

Not a ton of links for this episode, but a few. I discuss my journey into the world of working digitally, and talk about the ups and downs and need to knows of using a Wacom graphics tablet to draw comics with (and just work on generally. So, I guess first and foremost, here’s a link to Wacom’s website so you can find the most up to date info about their products:


Also, if you’re curious about the specific model I use it’s the Intuos5 Large, which has been replaced by the Intuos Pro Large:


For a while I drew exclusively on a TabletPC.

For a while I drew exclusively on a TabletPC.

Though, like I say in my podcast, I think most could get by with a smaller model, like an Intuos Pro medium:


Even the “lower end” medium regular Intuos (which replaces the Bamboo Create, I think) is a really great choice. I use the Bamboo Create at work and it kicks just as much ass, just minus some of the better features that the Pro models have (such as more hot buttons, and the ability to customize hot buttons separately for each application you use, and tilt sensitivity). Even though this is the “lower end” of Wacom’s line up, it’s still a really good product:


Intuos5 Large - what I use nowadays.

Intuos5 Large – what I use nowadays.

Full disclosure: Those most definitely ARE Amazon affiliate links. However, I totally dig Wacom’s products, and I could care less if you purchased them through the affiliate links or not. But, if you do, it does help support Stir Fry Comics, and helps offset my cost of doing all this for you. :)

I also mention some of my older comics, which are still available to read for free out there on the internet. So, feel free to go check those out. The Explosion Proof comics I link are not the exact ones that I talk about in my podcast (those are old and crappy, and don’t expect to ever lay eyes on them, guys!), but they are from a bit of a reboot I did for a series of anthology books called Lady Fight:

Also, my much more well known comic, Mastorism:

What do YOU think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the topics discussed in the podcast. Go ahead and start up a discussion in the comments!

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