ComicsFix_Review_NetFlix_Spotify_StreamDo you want to make the transition to reading or distributing comics digitally, but are discourage by the current digital options? ComicsFix may be the answer! In this episode I give a fairly in depth review of their service from both a reader and a publisher’s perspective. Join me!

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Jeff_Lemire_Nguyen_Descender_Review_ImageFirst up, as sort of an extension of what I talked about in Episode 007, I refer to my latest blog post about creating digital art on the Surface Pro 3. There are a few ins and outs and hurdles I encountered, but ended with fairly good results! You can check out that blog post here.

I also do an incredibly fast review of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s Decender. Even shorter version: Loved it. Here’s the official low down from Image.

The bulk of my podcast, of course, is dedicated to reviewing the ComicsFix service. Their goal is to be the Netflix or Spotify of comics. If you want to check them out, here’s their website:

ComicsFix_Review_Android_iOS_App_ReaderAnd also if you want their app either for iOS or Android you can get those here:



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