Yes. It’s been a long absence, and yes, I’m bringing Stir Fry Comics! to a close. Before I say anything else, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING! I appreciate all of the love and support I’ve gotten with this comic and website.

If you’re wondering why I’m officially bringing SF to a close – I could site a number of reasons, a lot of which have to do with some major life interruptions (good and bad) that have gone on over the last year and a half (two years?). But also, I truly feel that the comic has run it’s course and that those times when I was able to come back to it despite life, I felt like I was trying to squeeze something out of it that wasn’t there. That’s as unfair to you all as it is to me, and also the comic itself. So. I’m calling it.

I’m also thinking about collecting the comics into print. I don’t know what the best way to do that is yet, be it POD or a Kickstarter of some sort. I will keep you posted (most likely via the Stir Fry facebook page, Stir Fry Tapastic page, and my mattchee social media).

Life HAS settled down for me (I think, I don’t think it ever truly settles down, honestly) and I am itching to get back to comics, but mostly to start on new things, and not be so committed to making the one comic only, and spending so much time keeping up/promoting this website. This website, between the blog, the comic, the podcast, the videos, the upkeep, the promotion, etc… I felt like what I really wanted to do – make comics – was taking a backseat, and I was spreading myself too thin. Add to that I’m running sites/social media for the comic AND myself as an artist. Gets crazy.

SO, I’m working toward just running everything through one online presence, as me, mattchee. Comics, blogs, updates, etc. will all be through my mattchee media which will be my website ( and the various social media that I post to as mattchee. If you don’t follow those, and are interested in keeping up with what I’m doing, here’s a quick list: (mostly a portfolio site – needs and update – but a hub to access everything else, too) (blog – just starting, hoping to keep active) (pretty active) (posting art)

and (not so active, but looking to change that)

THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH FOR READING and I hope you enjoy what’s coming next for me.