Stir Fry Comics! is very near and dear to my heart. It originally ran, in the webcomic form, from August 20, 2013 through April 4, 2016 (though, admittedly, quite spotty at the end). I had hoped to continue the comic indefinitely, but the amount of work to produce market a regularly scheduled webcomic, is more than you’d probably think, and other circumstances in my life were making it even harder. So I decided that either the quality was going to suffer or it had to end. Ultimately, I decided to have fond memories of a good comic instead of a crappy legacy.

At the height of marketing my comic, there was a lot going on to promote it, including videos, blog articles, and podcasts. I had re-structured the site to accommodate all the new media that I was including as part of my comic site. Well, now that that has all long passed, I’ve decided to tear that site down, and replace it with a simple, streamlined webcomic site that is focused just on making the comics available to read.

Here you will find every comic from the webcomics period, all in order. The dates are accurate up until about October 21st, 2014. After that point is when I re-structured the site, and my file naming conventions changed from dates to numbering. To import into this latest format, I had to give them dates to load them in bulk and in order, but I just started on a random date and then sequenced them from there. I do think I have the information via my Tapastic posts, so maybe I will come back and re-date them when I have time, but I’ve already put more time into this than I was planning 😉

Quick history for those unfamiliar with Stir Fry Comics! Originally, the comic started as “The Adventures of James & Matt”, and was just something I drew on binder paper in Junior College about fictional adventures of myself and my friend James to amuse my friends in class. I made quite a few of these. When we both transferred to HSU, I submitted a more polished version of the comic to our school paper, the Lumberjack, which published them with some regularity over the couple years I went to school there. Then, James & Matt when into hybernation.

After spending YEARS on another longform webcomic, I was ready to do something light, and without any long story commitments. What about James & Matt, I thought? So, I brought it back as a webcomic, calling it “Stir Fry Comics!” (inside joke, I guess)  instead of James & Matt, because #1, “The Adventures of James & Matt” would be a long URL, and #2, I had originally intended to let the comic go wherever it wanted and not be 100% dedicated to certain characters (though, when I did let it wander, people let me know that they wanted it about the characters!!!).

So there you have it. A chunk of my life that I am very proud of, had a lot of fun with. Will I ever go back? Perhaps… but nothing planned right now…