Stir Fry Comics is the brainchild of me, mattchee (known to some as Matthew Grant, or Matt, or hey butthead with one eyebrow*). What started off as a continuation of the comic I did for the HSU newspaper, The Adventures of James and Matt, has now evolved into a full fledged… uh.. something, that meanders about across whatever is suiting my fancy –  as long as I can bring you regular content. My goal? To make you laugh. But also sometimes, I also like to bring out my inner ’90s Arsenio Hall (don’t we all have one?) and show you things that make you go hmmm…

So, I hope you enjoy my little parade of funniosity, but if not feel free to send me hate male. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, if it’s hate mail, make a note of it in the subject line so I can just delete it without having to open it. Saves me time. Thanks!
*Imagine that while you’re trying to fall asleep. #nightmares




Matthew Grant, aka mattchee, is a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer living on the beautiful Central Coast of California. His previous award-winning web/print comic, Mastorism, was a space opera sci-fi epic. Now he just wants to make you laugh.

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